Dominick’s Transfer Prescription Coupon

Dominick’s is a major chain grocery store with a pharmacy tucked inside each location. To date there are 60 locations through the Chicagoland area. They are constantly working on ways to get new customers and keep long time visitors happy. They want you to transfer your prescription to them. A great incentive such as a coupon or gift card to make the switch is often available. Handing out these deals is a way to get you excited. once there, you will find so many other ways to save on drugs, medications and everything else throughout the store.

You first want to be sure they accept your particular insurance. They do accept most major insurance plans including Medicare parts B and D, Workers Compensation, Express Scripts Plan Coverage and the list goes on. Now that we have established they honor your drug coverage, let’s go over how truly it is to transfer a prescription to Dominick’s. They suggest you simply call the pharmacy or stop in and drop off a prescription bottle. From there, your new pharmacist will take care of the rest. Shop around, get familiar with your new all in one pharmacy and grocery store and by the time you are done your medication will be refilled.

Here is the exciting news! We have found from now until the very last day of the year (December 31,2012) you can get and use a $25 Dominick’s transfer prescription coupon at their official site (directly on the homepage) or even in their circular. The rules are clear. Just have your current prescriptions transferred to one of their locations and you get the $25 coupon reward. One coupon per household. The reward may be used on your next purchase of $50 or more. Have fun on your shopping spree. shop for groceries, over the counter medications, almost anything throughout the store with few exceptions such as alcohol, tobacco, fishing hunting items, gas and so on. For a complete list, visit the Dominick’s website.

More Ways to Save Money at the Pharmacy
Visit the Dominick’s Savings Zone for all sorts of health related products at deep discounted prices. Your pharmacist will be eager to talk with you in regards to switching to generic versions of your currently prescribed medications. If there is a generic version available, you could save up to 60% off name brand drugs. If you are ever in need of vaccinations or the flu shop, why not turn to your trusted Dominick’s staff?

Reasons to Switch to a Dominick’s Pharmacy
Knowledge is power. When you pick up medicine from Dominick’s you will leave understanding what it is, and what it is supposed to do. They will explain exactly how to take it and what activities, foods, drinks or other medications you need to avoid while taking. Understand what side effects are common and which are more serious requiring attention. What should you do if you miss a dose. Dominick’s pharmacy leaves you with all questions answered. You can go home rest and recover. When you are feeling well, jump on their site to view the huge library of wellness articles and tips. Even learn how important it is to eat healthy. You can even print healthy recipes.

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