Publix Transfer Prescription Coupon

You can find over 800 Publix Pharmacies locations throughout 5 states. They accept most health insurance plans including Medicare part D. From convenient locations and hours to helpful store associates and pharmacists, the reasons for transferring your prescription go on and on. Aside from every day low prices, you can occasionally find prescription transfer coupons or special deals for new customers. Have you been thinking it may be too complicated to transfer your prescription to Publix? Think again. Visit or call a Publix pharmacist. They will gladly do the work for you. Have on hand your prescription number and what store your prescription is at. Switching over literally takes minutes.

Let’s go over some of the major perks of being a Publix customer. You may already shop at Publix and realize all the groceries and products that are available at every day low prices. So, why not have your prescriptions safe in the hands of Publix, as well? Let’s face it, we are all looking for convenience. Haveing your prescriptions at the same place you shop at makes life easy. No sense in going grocery shopping and then having to make a separate trip to another pharmacy. Truthfully, it may be hard to beat the deals and prices at Publix. The Free Medication Program is one of the main reasons people transfer their prescription to Publix. Some of the most prescribed medications are absolutely free to you with no strings attached. This every day deal is open for all including those with or without drug coverage. Some of the medications that may be free to customers is Lisinopril, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Cephalexin, Sulfamethoxazole, Ciprofloxacin, Pennicillin VK, Doxycycline Hyclate and more. For a full list, visit the official site or contact a Publix Pharmacist. (Please note this program or the drugs included in this list of free medications can change or end at any time with or without notice.)

Where to Find a Publix Transfer Prescription Deal
So, the big question, where to look for Publix prescription coupons and other coupons to use throughout the store. Visit the Publix official site and click “ways to save” at the top of the screen. The prescription transfer deal usually allows you to switch to them and in return you get a $25 gift card, good to use on your next purchase. Notice you can view this week’s sales paper online. This is always filled with valuable deals, sales and discounts. Also notice they have a “coupons” section. View coupons and print from your home printer in seconds. you can even save money just by purchasing Publix Brands. Publix Brands are priced lower than national brands. (The Publix weekly flier may also be found in mailings or at store locations.)

Publix Makes Getting Refills on Drugs a Breeze
Getting refills has never been easier. At Publix you can order a refill for your prescription any time, day or night. Call for a refill or even order a refill online. Out of refills? Contact your Publix pharmacist and he or she could contact your physician for a new order for more medication. Some of the other perks of transferring a prescription to Publix include the ability to be able to get flu shots right where you shop. Some Publix locations even offer vaccinations. Other services that are offered are cholesterol testing, blood pressure screening and diabetes testing. If you already suffer with diabetes the Direct Care program is there to help. The program is absolutely free and diabetes testing supplies are delivered to your home at no charge. Exact details of this program can be found at the Publix official site.

Publix offers personalized and friendly service. They not only want customers to transfer their prescription to them, but they want to make you glad you did. Whether a prescription transfer coupon is available at the time you want to switch or not, you still may save a load of money just by making the switch.

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