Rite Aid Pharmacy Discounts

Cost for prescription medication is constantly rising, so it may well be worth the effort to look for a pharmacy that gives you discounts on your prescriptions and refills. With very many coupon offers online and offline, Rite Aid is well worth checking out if you want to or need to change your pharmacy. You can often find Rite Aid transfer prescription coupons, which may be turned in for a gift card once your medications are moved to their store.  You can even find special offers for new prescriptions.

Types of Discounts and Coupons You can Expect To Find AT Rite Aid

The typical pharmacy prescription transfer discount, most commonly found, is a free $25 gift card. You will then also get health related coupons worth about $75, which can save you alot of money! All coupons must be submitted and your insurance card must be shown. Then simply let your Rite Aid Pharmacist do the rest. They will need the name of your old pharmacy and a prescription number is always helpful. That can be found on a bottle of your medication. The whole process of transferring pharmacies is quite easy and literally takes just minutes. Once the transfer is completed, you instantly receive the gift card. This is usually good for many items throughout the store.

Rite Aid does not double coupons, you will get the reduction on the product you buy to the value shown on the coupon. Also ask if they accept coupons from other pharmacies. Any coupon printed from the internet at a value of $5 will be redeemed if it has a barcode on it, so look out for the barcode. There are a few coupon combinations that Rite Aid will gladly accept. For example, if you have one Rite Aid coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon for a product, you can get both coupons redeemed on it. The most interesting coupon still seem to be the BOGO coupons which buys you 2 free items.

Save money at the pharmacy by signing up for a Load 2 Card. Fill 4 prescriptions a month and get 20% off everything in the store for a whole year. This deal is super exciting. Some restrictions apply so review details online at their official site or at store locations. The RX savings program can save you 15% or more on thousands of prescribed medications.

Where To Find Rite Aid Pharmacy Discounts
The best place to look for Rite Aid pharmacy discounts is directly at their website. Take a look at their pharmacy section and see if there are any current deals. Their weekly circular can be viewed online. That is another great place to find transfer coupons. As you may already know, weekly circulars are often distributed to people who live close to Rite Aid locations. If you do not get their sales paper in the mail, check your Sunday paper or just grab one at the store.

If you are into extreme couponing, there are certainly a lot of opportunities for reductions on your purchases at Rite Aid Pharmacies and the Value-Rite lines. All it takes is some organization and time. Prepare for your next shopping trip.

Competition is big amongst pharmacies, so your loyalty to their brands is very important to them and in turn they will reward you with coupons, rebates, co-payment coverage and much more. There are various ways to save on prescription and over the counter pharmacy products and items in your grocery store pharmacy.

So compare the prices and coupon offers at Rite Aid, you are in the driver’s seat!

Rite Aid is one of the nations largest drug store chains. What began as just one neighborhood store back in September of 1962 has evolved into over 4,500 stores throughout 31 states. Rite Aid has become the number one pharmacy on the east coast. If you are thinking about making Rite Aid your new home for prescribed drugs, take a moment and be sure they accept your insurance coverage. Review the store hours and what services your store has to offer. Many locations have trained staff on site to administer vaccinations.

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