Shopko Prescription Transfer Coupon

Shopko is a well know and trusted pharmacy with locations throughout 13 states in the US. They offer convenient hours, personalized service, and both in store and online ways to manage your medications. Many people are looking to find a Shopko prescription transfer coupon when transferring their drugs. Switching to a new store is simple, painless and truly takes just seconds. In fact your pharmacist will do it all for you.

Shopko always welcomes new customers. Often times you can find special incentives in regards to transferring your prescription. Shopko transfer prescription coupons, special offers and even free gift cards can help make your decision to switch over an easy one.

Shopko Transfer Prescription Coupons Online

Let’s first go over how truly easy it is to transfer a prescription to Shopko. Call or visit your local Shopko Pharmacist. He or she may ask a few questions such as your personal information, where your prescription is at and what medication you are on. You may also want to have handy your doctor’s name and phone number. That is it. The pharmacist will do everything else for you. You are now ready to start enjoying all the benefits of a Shopko pharmacy. You may also transfer your medications to Shopko Pharmacy yourself, online. They walk you right through it. The process is simple.

One main reason people switch to a Shopko Pharmacy is the savings and benefits. They have an exciting program called My RX Savings 10 for 10 Club. The club is free to join and you will get a My RX Savings Rewards Card. Be sure to use your card every time you pick up a prescription. Once you have picked up and filled 10 you get a $10 off coupon. This is good for your next Shopko purchase of $20 or more. You can sign up for this savings club online at their official site. Do this over and over again and start cashing in.

Deals, offers and your medication

Check out their extensive line of over the counter medications, health and wellness products, optical department and even a Fast Care Walk In Clinic. These clinics are convenient and do not require one to have an appointment. They can treat anyone age 18 months and older suffering with a common cold, common illness, minor infections and more. You can expect fast and affordable health care. They accept and honor many insurance plans. No insurance, no problem, prices are very reasonable. (Fast Care Walk In Clinics are available at select Shopko Stores. To find a Shopko near you that offers such services, visit their official site or simply call your local store.)

These days we understand how deadly the flu can be. A simple vaccination can protect us and many folks are choosing to get the shot when the weather turns cold. All Shopko locations off the flu shot.  Here is the good news: This may be covered by Medicare part B or even some insurance plans.

Where to find a transfer prescription gift card deal

First, be sure they do honor your specific drug plan. Then go to Shopko online and see if there are any current deals. You may also want to look in their store circular. This may be found in stores, in mailings or even in your Sunday paper. Typically you will present this when you go to transfer your medication. Once the switch is made, you will be rewarded with a gift card, in the amount mentioned. We have found the gift card to be worth $10,  $25 or even $30 dollars. Some pharmacies will allow you to clip several coupons for each medication you are taking and transfer. Just imagine how the savings can add up. Please note that transfers may have to be done on separate days. There may even be a limit as to how many of these offers you may take advantage of. Always read the fine print. When in doubt, talk to your pharmacist to get the low down on their rules, when it comes to savings and coupon use. Can not find the offer this week? Talk to staff and ask if they accept competitor coupons, if so jump online to a big name pharmacy like Walgreens or Kroger. Print and reap the rewards.

Whether pharmacy transfer coupons and deals are available for transferring a prescription to Shopko or not, you can always find coupons for items or products throughout the rest of the store. Deals and coupons change weekly. To access these just visit their official site. You will be bombarded with ways to save. First view this week’s flier. You can occasionally find prescription transfer coupons there. You can also sign up for the “Shopko My Savings Card.” Members get special deals, savings and offers, as well as a special 10% off birthday coupon every year.

More Shopko Prescriptions Discounts

You may also consider signing up for email offers. Just for joining (which is free) you get a special $5 off coupon. This can be used on your next purchase of $20 or more. Expect more coupons and deals to follow. These will be sent to your inbox and may be printed from home.

There are so many reasons to transfer your prescriptions to Shopko. Not only can you expect great every day prices and friendly personalized one on one service, but choosing a pharmacy that sells just about everything else can be convenient. No need to run around town to get errands done. When it comes down to it, the main reason for switching to a Shopko Pharmacy should just be the fact that they are a name you can trust. When it comes to your health, nothing is more important. (Note that the above mentioned Shopko pharmacy deals, plans and coupons can change at any time without notice.)

Shopko has been around since 1962. What began as just one neighborhood store has flourished into 134 locations. They are constantly staying on top of customers constantly changing needs, and evolving with the times. Inside you will find apparel for the whole family, home care items, furniture, jewelry, electronics, toys, sports and some Shopko’s have an optical department tucked inside.


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  1. Hi! I shop at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, hy-vee and Fareway for most of my items. There are 3 people in my flaimy and my grocery budget started out higher than I wanted it, so by using coupons and stocking up on items when they are on sale I now have a nice stockpile and continue to use coupons and always buy items at the lowest price possible. My facebook group- Iowa Couponing is a great resource for tons of information! I post new coupons, deals and rebates that come out during the day and with over 2500 memembers in the group you can ask questions, and hear how others are saving money too! Please let me know if you have any other questions and if you would like to email me anytime my email is ! thanks!

    • Sounds awesome. Let’s face it, we all love to find the best deals. Medicine and prescriptions can be so darn expensive. We are trying to locate the very best pharmacy coupons and discounts!

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    • How sweet! Glad you enjoy our post and site. We want to help everyone save money on prescriptions, transfers and everything else medically related!